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Computer Basics

Computers consist of many physical parts like CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Graphics card etc. Each part has its own role to play. There are five basic types of computer operations: inputting, processing, outputting, storing and controlling. Computer operations are executed by the five primary functional units that make up a computer system.

Microsoft Word

Mastering Microsoft Word offers big benefits: stronger resumes, faster document creation, professional-looking writing, and improved teamwork. It can even boost your writing skills and aid with schoolwork. Learning Word is a smart move for anyone who wants to communicate effectively.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Mastering PowerPoint offers big benefits. It enhances communication with visuals, making presentations memorable. It’s a valuable job skill and saves time with templates. Plus, it’s versatile for educators, students, and anyone sharing ideas.

Microsoft Excel

Excel helps you manage Data, Crunch Numbers, and Visualize Info – all in one program. It’s a valuable skill for many professions.

Internet & Communication

Power BI offers big benefits for Clear Data Visualizations, Data-Driven Decisions, Easy-to-use Interface, Collaboration Features, and Affordability. It integrates well with Microsoft products and is a valuable skill in today’s data-driven world.

Record Note

Record Note has to be submitted to the Exam Center for qualifying in this COA Exam. It has lot of topics with proper Aim, Procedures and the Result with output. 

Exam Follow-ups

We continuously follow up with the government notification and  alert the students along with proper preparations for the examination. 

Practical Assessment

Shorthand is still used in some Tamil Nadu government jobs and offered in training courses, but its use might be declining due to digital recording technology.

COA One Mark Questions​

Basic Computer & Fundamentals

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